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Image by Marita Kavelashvili


Image by Marita Kavelashvili

Our Story

Image by Marita Kavelashvili


Of the Earth was founded by Mary Ferrari after being involved in a near death accident in 2020.  It was this day that propelled her into the journey of a lifetime through self-inquiry and healing. Not only did this experience deeply affirm Mary’s life purpose of empowering people with their own health and wellness but it also enhanced her psychic gifts and abilities.  


While Mary believes that modern medicine is a gift and has its place, she faced the many pitfalls of our health care system first hand through this experience.  She saw the system as a whole and its lack of crucial components that keep us separated from truly healing.  This experience showed her the grave importance of being educated and empowered with your own wellness.  During her in-patient care, Mary experienced the over-prescribing of opiates and harassment from hospital staff for declining high risk procedures.  Despite the pressure from hospital staff, she implored her knowledge of Ayurveda, pranayama, and plant allies in lieu of pharmaceutical and invasive treatments which she believes preserved her quality of life after she healed.  It was this lesson that showed her just how important this knowledge is, not only in maintaining everyday health, but also to be empowered for making life preserving decisions in the face of death.  From this experience Mary vowed to address the holes in our medical system by guiding others through the education that helped save her life and heal her severely injured body.  She seeks to empower people with this knowledge and their own wellness enabling those to live life in sovereignty instead of fear.


Mary’s ability to heal and educate others goes beyond the physical body.  It is her belief that connection with spirit assisted her in overcoming the many fears and traumas associated with this near death experience.  In meeting death, she felt the presence of her many spiritual guides and ancestors who protected her that day.  After healing her physical body from this experience she began to cultivate a deep relationship with her spiritual being.  She practiced picking up on the subtle voices of spirit, plants, and animals.  It is this connection that she believes provided healing from this traumatic experience that went beyond her physical body.  Her relationship with the Earth and spirit are the foundation of her work with clients and students.

Mary Ferrari is a certified herbalist, yoga therapist, meditation medium, and protector of the land with over a decade of experience in these fields.  Through combination of these modalities she offers her clients the education and practices necessary to empower them with their own wellness journey.

Mary has been a student of various yoga modalities since 2006 and received her 200-hour Integrative Yoga Therapy certification in 2015 from the school of True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, Colorado.  

Her education in herbalism began in 2010 and she has obtained several certifications from various schools including the Herbal Academy and School of Evolutionary Herbalism. 

After Mary's near death experience in 2020, she began to experience the inkling of her psychic abilities.  The desire to enhance these gifts lead her to Ash Canty, and their mediumship training, Liberate Your Soul. 

Mary received her B.S. in Biology with a focus on pre-medical and conservation ecology from University of Colorado in 2011, and then continued her education in land stewardship by receiving certifications in permaculture design and biodynamics.  

You are Of the Earth, and it is our mission to remind all human beings of this.  It is our belief that suffering and dis-ease are the direct results of our disconnection to the Earth.  The focus of our teachings is to offer education and practices around rebuilding our sovereignty and our innate ability to provide care for our own welfare.  By igniting our ancient vital relationship to the Earth, to ourselves, and each other we effectively put our students in the driver's seat on their path to better wellbeing.  No matter the wellness modality you seek on your healing journey with us, our offerings will awaken the sovereign being within, deepen your spiritual relationship with the Earth, yourself and with others.

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