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You Are Of The Earth

And it is our mission to remind all human beings of this. 

It is our belief that suffering and dis-ease are the direct results of our disconnection to the Earth. 

The focus of our teachings is to offer education and practices around rebuilding our sovereignty and our innate ability to provide care for our own welfare.  By igniting our ancient vital relationship to the Earth, to ourselves, and to each other we effectively put our students in the driver's seat on their path to better well being. 

Your School for Sovereign Living through Natural Wellness

Certified Teachings by Mary Ferrari
Homemade Remedies

Holistic Health


Spiritual Meditation

Activating Your Intuition Workshop

Sandy Beach

Life in Grief


Yoga in the Garden

Private Yoga



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What people are saying

"Mary was clearly made to teach.  Her class was one of the best yoga experiences I've ever had.  In addition to that she is such a lovely person."

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